Colby Sizing Price Increase Due to Skyrocketing Rice Prices

*******Effective Monday December 5, 2011******    

Thailand has been suffering from the worst flooding in it’s history. It has been 2 months and water has still not receded in many areas. It has hurt Thailand severely economically affecting tourism, manufacturing and agriculture. The devastating effects of the flooding have had a dramatic impact on Thailand’s rice production which has sharply driven up the price of all rice products by 30%. Due to this severe price increase we have no choice but to increase the price of “Colby Sizing” from $2 to $2.50 since Colby Sizing just means adding extra noodles/rice in order to off set the ridiculous price inflation of rice and rice noodles. We also know that it is also a tough time economically at home as well, and though we are increasing the price for Colby Sizing we “WILL NOT” increase the prices on are menu as a whole.

Hopefully, the flood waters will subside soon as many, many people are suffering.


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