Specials Starting 11/29

******Note******We just updated our specials for this week and added two new items. Click the link below to check them out.

*Specials are available for 1 week or until sold out.

We have some great specials this week.

Warm up with our soup bowls: Yaowarat or Tom Yum Woon Sen. Yaowarat is inspired by the Chinatown region in Bangkok called “Yaowarat.” The Chinese brought over dumplings and egg noodles to Thailand.

The egg noodles in the Mee Pad Phed and the Pad Gaeng Daeng are thick and similar to the lo mein noodles in Chinese restaurants. These noodles are also brought over by Chinese immigrants in Thailand and are a popular street food.

The Chinese sausage in the Khao Pad Piset is known as “Khun Chieng” in Thailand. Also brought over by Chinese immigrants. It is a a hard sausage, sweetly cured and has become beloved in the Thai food culture.

Updated Nov29specials

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