Bacon endearingly called meat candy has become so versatile and become a major player in not only savory dishes but in sweet ones as well. Bacon tempura, bacon donuts, bacon jam, bacon ice cream, the number of ways is endless much like Bubba and his shrimp. Well, since bacon is delicious in just about everything, bacon & Thai food must be delish too; and it is. Thai cuisine uses a lot of pork belly which is basically uncured bacon. It was difficult to get uncured pork belly for dishes (still is in non-immigrant concentrated areas) so bacon became the perfect substitute.

There are 2 specials this week that have bacon as a wonderful ingredient — Brussels & Bacon Pik Kihing and Pad Khalum Phee. Pik Khing stir-fry is traditionally made with crispy slices of pork belly. The bacon adds a wonderful smokiness and saltiness to this spicy and slightly sweet kaffir lime leaf based stir-fry.

Click below to see all our specials for this week. Specials run for 1 week or until sold out.


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