More Bacon!

Our bacon specials have been so popular we’re keeping them on a bit longer; or is it the Brussels sprouts? We’ve added a few more items as well:

  • Gaeng Som: This is a traditional country dish of the Central Plains region in Thailand. The flavors of this dish is a marriage of sour, sweet and spicy. Everyone home in Thailand has their own version of what ingredients should be in it, but generally it is heavy on vegetables, most often enjoyed with shrimp, but always enjoyed with “kai jeow” — Thai-style omelet.
  • Moo Palow: “Moo Palow” is to a Thai child like beef stew or mac and cheese is here — total comfort food. This dish again is most often enjoyed with pork belly. Bacon would not do well with this dish, but we have food boneless country-style pork ribs to be a wonderful substitute. This dish is savory and sweet at the same time, with the pickled mustard greens balancing out the flavor with a little sourness. Wonderful with rice to warm your soul on a blistery winter day.

Jan Week 1 2012 Specials

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