Q.: Why does my 1 star burn my mouth like it’s 5 stars?

A.: A chili’s heat depends on it’s growing conditions and time spent idling in a warehouse. If there was a a lot of rain, or  lack there of,  or if the chili’s were harvested too late affects the chili’s heat intensity. Though we can measure the amount of spice, measuring the degree of spice is tricky. At our restaurant 1 star of spice is equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon, 2 stars = 1/2 teaspoon, 3 stars = 3/4 teaspoons and so on.  We really can’t tell how spicy the chili will be. If you are worried about getting a dish too spicy we recommend ordering a star level down and adding spice later. It is always easier to add heat than to remove it. As a side note, Thai people usually add their own spice to dishes. There is no star systen in Thailand.

We have many spice options available. We have the dry chili powder which we receive as whole chilis, dry roast in a wok & blend into a powder. The powder provides a more bitter heat. We have a chili relish which provides a more tangy heat. We also have Sriracha chili which is similar, but less tangy than Tabasco.