What is “Colby Size”?

The “Colby Sizing” of dishes started years ago around the year 2000 when athletes, mostly from the Colby soccer team, started asking for extra noodles to their dishes to fully satisfy their appetites. This went from a few students in the know, then somehow spread even beyond Colby students to the locals.

Colby sizing is only available for noodle dishes like Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, and Pad See Ew,  and any of the fried rice dishes.  For $2 more we double the size of the noodles and the rice for a super-duper large portion that would make any Thai national faint because the typical pad Thai portion in Thailand probably fits into an average man’s palm.

We can Colby Size dishes like the Double Happiness and Crispy Pad Thai in house only because we do not have the packaging large enough to do it for takeout.