Specials Starting March 13th

Guess there are a lot of meat-eaters out there, so we’re continuing with last week’s specials for another week. We’ve also added some new items and made some other updates. The Taro Egg Rolls are Vietnamese inspired. Taro is a starchy tuber that’s widely used in Asia in savory and sweet dishes. Think of it as a slightly sweeter and starchier potato. It is highly gummy if not cooked properly. The Miso Bowl is Japanese inspired and is a play on Miso Ramen which is the new “IT” dish in Bangkok with Ramen shops opening all over the place. We use buckwheat soba noodles instead of ramen. There are also 2 dishes with fresh pineapple which are quite tasty. If we could we would use fresh pineapple all the time just like Thailand. We made a trip to Portland yesterday and picked up some Chinese celery. It is more bitter, thinner and longer than the conventional celery. It is essential in the Boat Noodles dish.


Chinese Celery

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