We are Thai!!!

There is a saying in Thailand: “Doors have ears and windows have eyes,” which bascially means watch what you say cause a secret doesn’t stay a secret for too long.

Well, we heard that some people think the owners of Pad Thai are Chinese. Just because we’re Asian doesn’t mean we are Chinese. Granted there are 1.3 billion Chinese (in China) and I don’t know how much more are in other countries, not all Asians are Chinese. I have nothing against the Chinese, but being sterotyped as one for being Asian really offends us.

The Pad Thai Family moved to Maine the summer of 1998 from NJ/NY region and it was definitely a culture shock to end up in Central Maine. A lot has changed and gotten better in the past 10 years or so, but we’ve dealt with a lot of discrimination and just sheer ignorance especially in the beginning. The stares and looks. Constantly, yes constantly, being asked if we spoke English. I remember the State’s Health inspector asking me if I spoke English in 2004!!! Being livid is an understatement. The worst is being asked if I had papers on the Greyhound bus on my way to Boston. Or going to a restaurant and ordering fries, and the server asking “You meant rice, right?” Horrible. Oh, another one, having some guy call me a gook as he drives passed me at the Shaw’s parking lot.

So in 2009, to still find out people are just clueless is just sad. I still get the occasional Thai food being Chinese — Thai food is from THAILAND, not TAIWAN! We do not have fortune cookies. Thai people use a spoon and fork as their main utensils, and only use chopsticks to eat CHINESE food. And crab Rangoon, is NOT THAI, and not Chinese! It’s not even Asian contrary to popular belief. I will touch on the crab rangoon topic later, as it is a very touchy issue as well.

We are 100% Thai. Not Chinese-Thai, Vietnamese-Thai, Laoasian-Thai, Burmese-Thai or Cambodian-Thai. We are hardcore, patriotic, down to our genes Thai. Being called otherwise due to sheer ignorance is annoying and completely offensive. Open your eyes and think before you speak people.

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