New Specials Saturday Oct. 10th to 17th

Thai-Style Dip

& “Crackers”


Warm masaman/peanut curry dip with beef, potatoes & onions served with crispy panko encrusted wonton skins.

Salad Kaek


Mixed greens with cucumber, red onion, red cabbage, carrots, crispy tofu, har-boiled egg, crispy sweet potato, tomatoes served with peanut dressing.

Neur Pad Ped


Minced beef sautéed with onions, bell peppers, carrots & broccoli in a spicy garlic-holy basil sauce. Served over rice with a fried egg on top and sliced cucumbers.

Malacca Noodles


Choice of beef, chicken or tofu:

Bowl of spicy red curry-coconut broth with rice noodles, sprouts, hard-boiled egg, crispy shallots, scallions & cilantro.

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