What!?!? No Fish Sauce!?!?

We do not use any fish sauce in any of our dishes. SACRILEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few customers have added their opinion that we are not truly “Thai” since we do not use fish sauce; however, being that we cater to many, many vegetarians we made the conscious decision to switch to using thin soy sauce, even though it is twice the price of fish sauce.

By using soy sauce we are able to please vegetarians, omnivores and carnivores alike without compromising the taste of our food. The Pad Thai Family does not consume any fish sauce. (We don’t secretly douse our own food in the back with fish sauce.) We actually prefer soy sauce, as it is lower in sodium and does not have the intense, rank smell that fish sauce has.  (If anyone has ever experienced the displeasure of having a bottle of fish sauce break in their car will concur that the switch over to soy sauce is a good thing — the smell’s is so bad you could carry it around like mace.) Many famous chefs in Thailand have switched over to using soy sauce as well.

To find out how fish sauce is made click the following link:


8 thoughts on “What!?!? No Fish Sauce!?!?

  1. Do you have any suggestions for those who avoid wheat? I realize that many of your menu items do contain the soy sauce, but are there any that could be modified?

    • I apologize for the delayed response. We do have many customers who request a wheat/gluten free meal. We have many customers who are gluten sensitive who are still able to enjoy dining with us since the dishes only contain trace amounts of wheat. We have been able to accommodate the more intolerant diners by offering grilled dishes or steamed veggies. The sauces we have that are gluten free are our sweet chili sauce and sweet and sour sauce. Also we have made soups like our Big Bowl, Thai Rice Soup and Glass Noodle Soup seasoned with sea salt instead of soy.

      Please note too, though Thai cuisine is traditionally a gluten free cuisine with the use of fish sauce, there are many brands of fish sauce that also use wheat as a stabilizer nowadays.

      I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thank you.
      Minty (Owner/chef)

    • ******UPDATE******We have been able to find a thin soy sauce brand that does not use wheat as a stabilizer; and instead uses rice starch. So gluten intolerant customers can now enjoy most of our dishes as we have changed all our sauces over to this brand.

  2. Soooooooo happy to see that you are now using gluten-free soy sauce! I can’t wait to start eating all of my favorite dishes again!

    • Yes, it was a bit tough but we did manage to find a soy sauce that uses rice starch as a stabilizer. So now a majority of our dishes are now gluten free. I am glad we can have you back as a customer.

  3. thank you so much for NOT using Fish sauce, it is so hard to find asian food without it. i will now support you even more! i am looking to get some take out for tonight, checking your menu out now! thank you for supporting those hard core veggies out there! there are a lot of us lurking around.

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