Join Us For Happy Hour

We will start having a Happy Hour Monday through Friday between 4 pm and 5 pm starting Monday, March 29th.

Please, absolutely no substitutions. For dining in only, and a minimum of 1 drink.


$2.50 Soups

Chicken or Tofu Lemongrass Soup

Chicken or Tofu Glass Noodle Soup

Chicken or Tofu Rice Soup

$3.50  Starters


Fried Tofu

Fresh Thai Rolls

Chicken Wings

Chicken Tempura

Sweet Potato Tempura

$4 Starters

Fire Wings

Dumplings (Steamed or Fried)

Egg Rolls

Fried Chicken Wontons


$2.50 Draft Beer

$2 Domestic Beer

$3 Imported Beer

$4.50 Classic Mai Tai, MAngo Mai Tai, Mangotini, Mangorita