Featured Ingredient: Lychee

Our featured ingredient this week  for our specials is the lychee fruit. This is a sweet and floral fruit. They grow in clusters like grapes, though the skin is very thick. They are pink to reddish in color. Lychees are delicious in sweet as well as savory dishes. We have 3 dishes featuring lychee this week: lychee fried rice, lychee pad panang (stir-fry) and lychee curry. We have also kept the grilled shrimp w/ cream avocado sauce as well as a few of the haddock dishes on as they have been popular.

There are also a some lychee smoothies as well.

Please click here for a detailed list of our featured dishes for this week. Remember specials are avaialable for 1 week or until sold out. lychee specials may 2013