Featured Dishes Starting 9/13

This week we still have our “Sen Mee” specials. These thin brown rice noodles are doing very well. If I can get a larger shipment from Thailand they might be a permanent item. Guaranteed — we are the only location with this brown rice noodle.

Also featured this week is Fresh Haddock! We have 4 different haddock dishes on special, but the must order will be the “hor mok.” This is an old school dish once enjoyed only by the royals. The haddock is mixed with red curry, coconut milk & basil leaves then steamed in a cup made from banana leaves. Wonderful flavors that are not too intense. It’s a great light dish enjoyed with rice.

Another dish featured is “Guay Chup.” This is a street food item introduced by Chinese immigrants. A very popular street item considered a comfort food by the Thais. It’s a bowl of broth seasoned with star anise, cinnamon, ginger, cloves & cardamon, with tapioca noodles (these noodles start are square and little, but when boiled roll up into a cylinder), slices of braised pork loin, hard boiled egg & fried tofu. Topped with cilantro, scallions & the must have ingredient — fried garlic.

Click here for a more detailed list of the specials: specialssept13


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