Updated Autumn Specials

Available 10/21 – 10/24


Crab Chips

Deep-fried crab & tapioca chips very popular in Southeast Asia.

Plain . . . 2.95

Served with peanut dipping sauce . . . 3.95

Roasted BBQ Pork Egg Rolls   6

Deep-fried egg rolls stuffed with our home roasted Asian BBQ pork, cabbage, glass noodles & shiitake. Served with a slightly spicy garlic-dark soy sauce.

Curried Lobster Dumplings   8

Fried dumplings stuffed with real lobster meat, ginger, scallions, cream cheese and flavored with a touch of yellow curry powder. Served with sweet & sour sauce.


Grilled Tuna Teriyaki    14

Yellow fin tuna steaks marinated in our homemade garlic-ginger teriyaki sauce, grilled & served w/ jasmine rice and sesame sautéed  baby bok choy. Sprinkled with sesame seeds. Prepared medium-rare unless otherwise requested.

Kaeng Dang     14

Pieces of yellow fin tuna simmered in a spicy red curry-coconut milk broth with bell peppers, bamboo, peas & basil leaves. Served with jasmine rice.

Khao Mun Gai    12

This dish hails from an island called Hainan of the coast of China, and has become one of Thailand’s ultimate comfort food dishes. A very simple, yet full flavorful dish. (Keep some breath mints handy)

Slices of poached chicken breast served over jasmine rice wok-fried in garlic oil. Served with a slightly spicy, garlic-ginger soy sauce with cucumber slices & cilantro. Substitute slices of crispy duck breast +3.

Tom Kha Noodle

Choice of chicken or tofu 8.95           Choice of Shrimp  9.95

Slightly spicy lemongrass infused coconut broth with mushrooms, carrots, onions, celery, rice noodles, scallions & cilantro.

Tom Yum Woon Sen

Choice of chicken or tofu 8.95   Choice of Shrimp 9.95

Spicy lemongrass broth with glass noodles, mushrooms, celery, carrots, baby bok choy, fried garlic, ground peanuts, cilantro & scallions.

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