Q: Why is my food taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

A: Pad Thai is a small “family” business that not only handles a high eat in volume, but also a very high take out/delivery volume. We believe in made to order food, so with no buffets, prep time for dishes will increase especially on weekend nights. The kitchen only has 1,  4 – burner range oven and 3 wok stations. At most, we can put out 4 curries at a time and 3 pad Thais at a time, for example.

All we can say when food takes too long is that we guarantee we are doing our very best to try to get food into our customers stomachs as quickly as possible. There are only 3 cooks in the kitchen (one 58 yrs old and another 56 yrs. old) that work 14 hrs a day,  7 days a week. It would be wonderful if our kitchen was bigger and there were more talented, hard-working people available in town to get the food out quicker. We must work with what we have and we are working very, very hard. On a busy night our dining room can seat 60 people, plus we’ll handle at least 10 large take-outs at a time. Three cooks can only work so fast.

So please be assured we try very hard to get food out as quickly as possible, but we believe the food is worth the wait.

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