Chef’s Specials Starting Thursday May 27th

These specials will be available starting May 27th for Thursday dinner service. Fresh Maine clams & lobster meat are from Ballard’s Meats & Seafood out of Manchester, ME.

Chef’s Specials

Panko-Encrusted Lobster: 9

Fresh lobster meats coated with panko bread crumbs & deep-fried. Served with sweet chili sauce & mixed herb-curry mayo.

Tempura Battered Clams (whole clams)

Served with homemade classic tartar sauce & mixed herb & curry mayo.

A la carte: 8          Meal: 14.95    Served w/ Asian cole slaw & sweet potato curls.

Lobster Tom Yum:  8

Fresh lobster meats simmered in our spicy lemongrass soup with bamboo shoots, grape tomatoes & shiitake mushrooms. Topped with cilantro & scallions.

Lobster Pad Thai:  14.75

Fresh lobster meats stir-fried with egg, rice noodles & sprouts in a palm sugar-soy sauce. Sprinkled with ground peanuts & scallions.

Khao Pad Talay: 15.95

(Fried Rice) Fresh lobster meat, shrimp, squid & sea scallops stir-fried with egg, jasmine rice, onions, carrots, peas, pineapple, grape tomatoes & raisins in a yellow curry powder sauce.

Pad Pattaya: 15.95

Fresh lobster meat, shrimp, sea scallops & squid stir-fried with egg, glass noodles, sprouts, onions, carrots & mushrooms flavored with a touch of yellow curry powder.

Lobster Dumpling Pad Thai: 14.95

Mini crispy dumplings stuffed with lobster meat stir-fried with egg, rice noodles & sprouts in a palm sugar-soy sauce. Sprinkled with peanuts & scallions.

Pad Ki Mow:

Choice of Chicken, Tofu: 9.95  Choice of Shrimp: 10.95

Rice noodles stir-fried with egg, Chinese broccoli, onions & carrots in a spicy, chili-garlic-basil/dark soy sauce.

Spiked Frozen Strawberry Lemonade   7

Homemade lemonade blended w/ ice, strawberry puree & Absolut Citron

Spiked Frozen Mango Lemonade   7.50

Homemade lemonade blended w/ ice, mango nectar & Absolut Mango