Special Deals

Colby Size: 

For an extra $3 you can “Colby size”  certain dishes. “Colby sizing” is basically a super-sizing of your dish that started when Colby athletes were extra hungry and just wanted a little more without having to buy another entree. For noodle dishes you get extra noodles, and for rice dishes you get extra rice. This deal is available for all customers not just Colby students. Click here for the post about Colby Size.

Colby sizing is available for the following dishes only:

*Basil Fried Rice

*Thai style Fried Rice

*Pineapple Fried Rice

*Pad Thai

*Pik Pow Pad Thai

*Dumpling Pad Thai

*Pad See Ew

*Pad Woon Sen

*Drunken Noodles

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